Mr. Taylor started his career in aviation as and Airmen in the US Air Force in 1998 while enlisted in the Air Force. Mr. Taylor was accepted and enrolled in a US Air Force program with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU).  In early 2000 Mr. Taylor was selected to be one of a handful of airmen to be placed in the elite "bootstrap" program which allowed him to be full time student while being an active duty airmen.  In 2001 Mr. Taylor graduated with honors from ERAU and began developing sUAS platforms.  By 2004 Mr. Taylor had successfully designed and fabricated a Tactical VTOL "First Person View" System.  Over the next 10 yrs Mr. Taylor has designed and built over 70 flight systems from Fixed Wing to advance multi-rotors.  In the early days it was for Military and Special Operations. In 2010 Mr. Taylor offered his services to Conservation groups around the World.  In 2012, Mr. Taylor  decided to leave its military roots and started VikingUAS to help develop Commercial systems for operations in the USA.  As a pioneer in sUAS systems many of his designs are being used by hobbyist to commercial operators.  Known around the world Mr. Taylor had helped shape todays views and presence of modern DRONES.

 Defining the Regulations

VikingUAS has been diligently representing the UAV/UAS industry here in Maine. We have worked to exclude any restrictions on hobbyist throughout the state that want to use UAV's on their own property without risk of prosecution. This hasn't been easy. We were able to get the legislative bill LD236 tabled for 3 weeks while the Maine AG, Maine State Police, ACLU and the UAV/UAS Manufactures here in Maine can work through a compromise. Recent New Articles for Viking UAS. 

Maine search and rescue group’s drone use approved by FAA

VikingUAS FAA Exemption Documentation  



Christopher M. Taylor


VikinguAS Executive Team

We understand your needs....

VIKING UNMANNED AERIAL SYSTEMS researches, designs and manufactures innovative technologies for hobbyist and commercial applications. Our goal is to provide our clients with high quality products, unparalleled customer service and competitive pricing. We focus on the needs of the customer. We listen to those needs and leverage our expertise to deliver high quality, cost-effective solutions. Our principle partners offer over 15 years of combined UAS experience. You can be assured that if you have a specific need we can provide a solution with confidence. Viking UAS is only UAS/UAV Aircraft manufacture that offers a complete testing program. We provide the customer with an engine run up test data, performance data package, video of the test and a complete electronics failure cycle test. This commitment to building a cost effective, but high quality products is what is separating us from the competition. If your not 100% satisfied, we're not 100% satisfied.

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FAA Compliance

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VikingUAS Receives FAA Exemption to operate in the NAS to read more GO TO:!searchResults;rpp=25;po=0;s=FAA-2014-0850;fp=true;ns=true

FAA Compliance Statement 
Flying with the MX-X1 SCS Tether System 


Viking Unmanned Aerial Systems

is very excited to present the first  solution in the United States for operating multi-rotor aerial platform commercially & legally. Our product is the MX-X1 Stabilized Camera Compliance Kit. This product is offered in  the United States and meets FAA Compliance to use a multirotor aircraft without breaking the law for commercial applications for "Hire".
What does this mean?

If our system is used with one of our multirotors your free to operate commercially for “hire” as long as you follow the outlined rules defined by the FAA. Also, First Responders and Law Enforcement can use the product without the need of a "Certificate of Authorization", (COA). 
What is it exactly?
MX-X1 SCS is a Mooring system that uses a military grade light weight compliant tether line connected to a retrieval mechanism.
VikingUAS has spent two years working directly with the FAA plus a substantial amount of capital to create this complete system for commercial use with a multirotor. Understand that the retrieval mechanism  itself is not the magic part of this product. It's more of a icing on the cake to go with the FAA Compliance Certificate. Finally, you can now legally work "for hire" and make money without risking hefty fines that are now being given by the FAA more frequently than ever.

Think of the possibilities!! All commercial applications....and more will be legal now using the MX-X1 SCS Compliance Kit.

• Emergency & disaster response
• HAZMAT/CBRNE management
• Search and Rescue
• SWAT Operations
• Mountain Search & Rescue
• Avalanche Surveying
• Bridge and Cell Tower Inspection
• Aerial Photography
• News & Media productions
• Utilities Inspection
• Real-Estate Photography and Video Productions