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Agricultural Industry

Monitoring soil composition and vegetatative health can help to maximize crop-yields and assess environmental conditions for agriculture and environmental projects. This can be accomplished using Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) images which can also help to measure and monitor plant growth, vegetation cover and soil/water condition, and biomass production Using an infrared camera on the LX 1000 or LX 2000 allows for the creation of extremely detailed 2cm/pixel NDVI images. These NDVI images can be created much more frequently and at a lower cost than through the use of satellites or airplanes.

We want what's best for you. 

We take the time to consult and analyze your market first before helping you select a sUAS solution.  With over 30 Fixed wing solutions and 12 Multirotor solutions we can help you find the right sUAS solution for your needs based on the data not  on speculation.

We want what's right for you.

We look at your needs and identify the solution that will work for your application be it for the real estate industry, woodland fire fighting and or for Search & Rescue (SAR) Operations. We help put you with an sUAS platform that will work for you.

Many of our clients in the Commercial Industry have begun receiving their section 333 exemptions from the FAA. As of April 4th Downeast Emergency Medical Institute "DEEMI"(located in Maine) became the first Search and Rescue Organization in the  nation to get FAA Exemption to operate a Viking Unmanned Aerial Systems fixed wing and a multirotor solutions.  As of January 1st 2015 VikingUAS has focused all its engineering and design on supporting both Commercial UAV operations and SAR operations.  We feel this focus will allow VikingUAS to be the leader in creating solutions for both markets.  On May 15th 2015 VikingUAS will be debuting the Patriot X4 and the VikingUAS Ranger EX fixed wing designed for SAR Operations followed by the VikingONE and Patriot X8 once testing has been completed.  If your company is looking to do commercial operations and or SAR operations in the US we are offering a FREE consultation to discuss your needs and application.   Please fill in the Contact Us page and one of our representatives will contact you within 24 hours.

Search & Rescue
Search & Rescue is another application where our aircraft can be utilized as literal "life savers". Our UAS Platforms can be pre-programmed to fly a specified route to search for victims. This is ideal for avalanches, missing persons, floods, earthquakes, mud slides and more. They can be equipped with thermal imaging cameras to quickly identify bodies that would otherwise be hard to see with the naked eye. We also offer a 10-30X Zoom camera that has the ability see a soda can at 1000 feet. Our platforms save money on the bottom line cost with next to no operating cost after the initial investment. You can also diversify the search with multiple aircrafts in the air at once to cover more area. This is a huge cost savings over the traditional manned plane or helicopter option. 

Telephone: +1.207-671-1143

 Email: ctaylor@vikinguas.com

Gas & Oil Industry

There are many environmental requirements related to keeping oil & gas facilities operational and safe. Viking UAS offers multiple platforms for monitoring these important elements such as consistent monitoring of pipelines and facilities. Our UAV air-craft can have preplanned flight routes that are plotted over Google Maps. The routes can also be changed while in mid-route by simply clicking on a map to create a new course. We offer optional monitoring cameras that range from a high power zoom camera to Thermal Imaging cameras to detect potential leaks or discover trespassers

Woodland Firefighting
This is one of our favorite categories because we feel that our product can really make a difference in saving lives of both firefighters & pedestrians. The Hydrus X4 is an amazing tool to scout out igniting fire lines in hard to reach areas. You don't have to loose precious time waiting for a helicopter or plane to take off from the airport and fly to the scene. Simply click a few buttons and your on the way to the danger area seeing all the areas in question real time from a video downlink feed before someone at the airport can even fasten their seat belts. If there is a burning building and you need to get firemen on the roof ASAP, but not sure where the hot spots are, we have a solution. 
The Hydrus X4 can be equipped with a cutting edge thermal imaging camera that can show you where the danger spots are in real time. ..